Sunday, June 29, 2008

And I left the jacket home!

I was wondering around the US Capital on Tuesday and I came across the special entrance, too bad I left the jacket home. We had to dodge a congressmen from Tennessee driving a Buick Roadmaster, he nearly ran over us three times on the plaza outside the east entrance to the Capital. Perhaps I should run for Congress! I promise a chicken in every pot!



  1. My little nephew wanted to be president. His promise? He would make sure every single home had a flower in a pot.


    Because they are pretty and flowers make people happy.

    Can you imagine an entire country full of happy people?

  2. I'll vote for you if I can get a chicken and a bottle of scotch.

    But make sure WC's chicken is still alive so to stock the coop. :-)

  3. When I get too close to that building I start to involuntarily convulse very slightly . . . it's just bad vibes in that area.

  4. I'll vote for a bottle of Rum.