Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Sorry, no picture for this one. We made it home just before midnight last night. US-less Air has done a good job of redeeming themselves. Other than a comically surly flight attendant and of course runway departure delays to assure that we were on time instead of early, the trip went well. The guy sitting next to us described the flight attendant as "Barnie Fife" on an airplane (Meritt you aren't missing a police officer are you?)

Then came this morning. Big Red had to be jump started this morning. He was so dead that the mini Panzer couldn't do the job and an expert had to be called in. We started for the dealer and Big Red died on an expressway on-ramp. No power, no starting, no lights, no nothing. We had to be towed to the dealer who is swamped with work. Maybe there is some cosmic confluence that caused a worldwide breakdown of red cars today. No word on the prognosis. It has been a very long day.



  1. The bright spot was that Little Red (aka the mini Panzer) has to be in overnight (yes BOTH cars had to be taken in at the same time) and they gave me a pretty new E-class as a loaner -- which arrived at the on-ramp just in time to provide air-conditioned, stereo comfort and a cell phone recharge as we here waiting for the tow truck.

  2. Talk nice to big Red....Cars have feelings and should be cared for in a positive way.

  3. I feel your pain regarding auto repair . . . mine has to go in the shop tomorrow because some moron T-boned me today and bashed the side of the car in. Good times!

  4. New battery and Big Red and I are back on speaking terms.


  5. Does this mean we should all avoid red cars in the future???

    PS: A barney post is actually coming tonight or tomorrow!!! I know he's not missing because Coffeekid saw him eating Chinese food today.


  6. The Amazon almost got in a wreck with a red van at the dollar store today. She was ready to jump out of the truck and kick some bootay.

  7. One should always own a red or black car. Those are the only real colors for cars. Everything else is just a knock off of the real thing.

    (this coming from a rodent driving a blue/grey color truck)