Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back Home Again

I am barely able to stay awake and have many exciting things to report. The long and arduous journey home was made even more so by certain little incidents at least one of which will result a reams of FAA paperwork (I promise a full report soon.) Off to nest and rest for now.


  1. Wake up! Wake up!
    I need details. That sounds interesting!

  2. Sleep tight little Penguin

  3. I do believe you are in a beaver, no?

    Beaver, as in a very nice plane with a big round thing on the front.

  4. Why do they call it a Beaver and not a Woodchuck?


  5. With a big radial motor up front going...thudddythudddy thuddy thuddddydyyddythumpthump...It sort of sounds like a Beaver, We Woodchucks sort of make purr sound like a V-8 powered chain saw.

  6. especially at night after too much h tequila ;)

  7. at least it drowns out the idiot neighbors with fireworks . . .

  8. stop - he knows we are sitting 5 ft apart . . ..

  9. That would still be a "yep!"

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