Saturday, April 28, 2007


Penguins don’t have much of an issue with swimwear, it just happens. I am amazed by the fuss that humans make. There seems to be great confusion about how much swimwear should reveal. The same men that ogle to no end women in the tiniest bikinis; are the same men that wear the baggiest trunks they can find and sneer at any man that wears a swimsuit that gives any hint of the gender of the wearer. Of course with a penguin it takes an MRI to tell our gender from the outside. For years zoo keepers relied on waiting for mating season and then labeling as female all of the penguins with muddy foot prints on their backs, but that method is proving to be only about 95% effective (imagine the surprise.) If humans would just grow water resistant feathers, or loose some of their weird hang-ups about gender this would all be so much easier.



  1. the photo you posted led me to check on the current status of Jantzen - a Portland, OR company . . . bought out by Perry Ellis in 2002 - no longer operates a store in OR or WA . . .

    I remember the old Jantzen factory a few miles from here . . .

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