Sunday, January 21, 2007

Columbia South Carolina

I am back from a very quick trip to Columbia, South Carolina. We left Thursday at noon, flew to Charlotte, North Carolina (Useless Air was only 45 minutes late - please don't let them destroy another good airline.) We then rented a car and drove 90 miles to Columbia South Carolina. Why fly to North Carolina to get to South Carolina? To save about $225 between airfare and being able to be home on Friday night rather then Saturday. The training went well, they laughed at most of DG's stories. The room blew hot and cold all day, but all in all it was a good session. Friday afternoon we made a mad dash back to the airport (100 miles in less then 90 minutes) returned the rental car and arived at the gate with about 20 minutes to spare. The next couple of adventures are road trips.



  1. Anonymous1/22/2007

    If you EVER need an extra travel partner to the carolinas... you call me!!!!

    I love that part of the country. I'm soooo incredibly jealous of you little penguin. Ok, not jealous about waiting in security lines and doing all that flying... but the places you get to go! Ugh.

  2. Anonymous1/31/2007

    I love the road trip. If you ever get out this way I'll take you for a ride in my little steed and show some of the country.

    I should be in North Carolina in April. Oh the fun of it all.