Friday, November 03, 2006

River View

I am never real sure about a town whose claim to fame is being host to the only remaining gaseous diffusion plant (yes, just like the one the Iran has started to operate) in the United States; but DG’s services were needed for an hour and off we went to the far western reaches of the Commonwealth at Paducah, Kentucky. It is actually kind of a neat little town. They have done economic development in the old downtown area by offering low interest financing and very flexible zoning to attract artist to live and work in the historic wharf area along the Ohio River. Here I am down on the landing watching Old Man River roll on by. (Yeah, I know, in a previous post I said the Mississippi River, we were about 50 miles up-stream from the confluence.) Now why are my feathers glowing in the dark?



  1. Anonymous11/06/2006

    is that glow on the horizon you?

    why, I can see you from here ;)