Saturday, November 25, 2006

Over the river and through the woods,

to Mom and Dad’s house we went. DG and I went home to see his parent’s for Thanksgiving this year. For DG it was a journey to one of his childhood homes; for me it was a road trip and a visit to the ocean. We had an easy trip on the road, going down we went through Atlanta, coming back we came across South Carolina into North Carolina and across into Tennessee and then north to home (passing very near Frog Pond Holler; where is Ms. Mahala?) We encountered very little road construction and the heavier the traffic the faster people were driving. Florida was cool but beautiful. Mid way through the week the winds and surf picked up whipping the ocean into a powerful froth and furry . . . it reminded me of my childhood, but the water was cooler at home. We are home; there are a few tales to be told from this trip over the next couple of weeks. I hope that all of you had a nice holiday.



  1. Anonymous11/26/2006

    somehow I expected you to be wearing a hat . . .

  2. Anonymous11/27/2006

    A certain person didn't remember to pack the hat, or the parasol. It's a wonder the poor little bird didn't come back with reddened feathers. On the bright side, when TR's larger cousin Stan drove down with us a couple of years ago, he had his pith helmet and sunglasses.