Thursday, October 19, 2006

Turtle Soup

Turtle, it’s not just for breakfast anymore! Here we are braving the wilds of Akron for the annual Hamster Family Turtle soup festival. My kind of people they hold outdoor parties as the first snow flakes are coming down in the wilds of northeastern Ohio. For those who are tender to the frost, there was Uncle John’s homemade grape anti-freeze. Next comes the mid winter picnic (silly hamsters!)



  1. We are a simple but hardy folk.

  2. ...homemade grape anti-freeze.

    I'm picturing a grape slushy and I can't get the image out of my head. I sooooo want one.

  3. Anonymous10/20/2006

    well, this explains A LOT! ;)

  4. So, would this grape anti-freeze come from a fermentation process or distillery?

    And can it be added to the fuel system of you auto to clean out the injectors?

  5. Anonymous10/22/2006

    Fermentation without further refinement by distilation. Yes, I think it would clean the fuel injectors, if it didn't melt the cylander walls. It has a definate warming effect.


  6. Several years ago, when Johnnie first started making the stuff, my parents and I went over to visit on the Christmas holidays. Mom and I imbibed; Dad didn't. When we got home, Mom and I had, shall we say, our injectors cleaned out but good. Dad's only comment was, "I know better than to drink anything my little brother made. I don't know why you didn't." Gee, thanks Dad!

  7. I always found that when you distille a product that cherries were a nice way of mellowing down the product and adding a nice upswing in the kick department. We put 32oz of it in a '66 chev P/U and drove 4 miles to the gas station for fuel. It would also melt out the bottom of a wax cup from McDonalds that was being used as a mixer.

    I should really rebuild that toy again.