Thursday, October 26, 2006

Getting Older!

England is old, very, very old. People have been getting older in England forever. Word has it that Someone is getting older as I write this.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOMEONE! Wish we were there!

Travel and DG


  1. Anonymous10/26/2006

    Happy Birthday SOMEONE!

  2. Anonymous10/27/2006

    One is very happy to be 41 and to have received the e-telegramme of Travel Penguin. The Empire of the Wicked Hamster has not been so modern, if it has remembered this significant annual event.

    One shall have to wait and see - one has to work today.

    Someone x

  3. As you will see, The Hamster communicates important messages by flooding all media, as befits a global despot!

    Once again, your birthday is to be happy
    -- by decree of The Hamster

  4. Whew... for a second there I thought you WERE posting from England. Then... you know... I'd have to kill you. Because I WANT TO GO THERE SO BAD!!!!!!!

    Well - BabyGirl actually wants to go even worse than I do. LOL.

  5. Oh, no need to get ruffled. DG and I don't go to England till next August. Tee... hee... hee... I'm sooo wicked!

  6. My oldest brother traveled there and said the women are just absolutely beautiful! I need to visit!!