Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Kind of Town, Chicago

Two years ago we went to Chicago for a few days in late May and hit the most delightful weather. It was bright and sunny and warm enough to move around without a sweater yet cool enough to not get all hot and bothered. We went to see my cousins at the Shed Aquarium down on the lake front and wandered back along the marina and through the park with the fountain that was featured in the opening scenes of “Married with Children.” We stayed out north of the city and rode the trains in and out and even figured out how to do a transfer from the train to the bus down to the museum center. I can’t wait to go back.



  1. I get to fly in and out of Chicago a couple of times a year, but I never get to see the town. Just fly in and drive in and fly out...sometimes traveling for work sucks....

  2. Anonymous4/21/2006

    Most business travel is all work and no play. Several times I have been able to schedule a business trip to allow us to spend a weekend some place interesting (San Francisco, St. Paul, Washington DC, and central Florida.)

    Some clients will pay for the Saturday night stayover as long as I save more on the airline ticket then the hotel bill. One of my clients has stopped allowing this as the accounting clerks were complaining that we were taking vacations at the company's expense (jeolousy.) Increasingly the airlines are raising prices and dropping the Saturday night stay-over. If I can arrange the travel for a long weekend at my expense I will do it if it is in a city that I want to spend time in. WH has a conference in Chicago in late May every year, and it is only a 300 mile drive from home, so we have been a couple of times and are planning to go back again this year.


  3. hey woodchuck! weren't you paying attention when I pointed out where I lived, worked and played when we flew over . . .

  4. Chicago, Chicago, it's a helluva town...