Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Making Progress

A quick update.
After a couple of nights in bed with my ankles above my head, I am walking better. Not that kind of nights, the recommendation was to elevate my sprained ankles above the heart. My feet have been propped up on one very large pillow. It seems to be helping, the swelling is down and I am moving somewhat better.

To minimize walking I drove to the office yesterday, and will again today. To take the subway I have a couple of large stations I need to navigate, including a change of lines that requires changing levels in a very busy station. I seldom drive to work, like 4 or 5 times over the past six years.  But it is much less walking, the car is parked near the door to the condo tower, and there is valet parking in the office building ($12 a day plus a tip.) It is about 10 miles from home to the office, it took me just over an hour yesterday morning, I can ride there on my bike in 55 minutes (when my ankles are not messed up.)  Coming home last night, the first three miles took me 32 minutes - Ms.Garmin took me across through Georgetown.  I HATE driving in Georgetown, it has the worst traffic in this complicated city.


  1. "After a couple of nights in bed with my ankles above my head, I am walking better"

    Well well well

  2. I had the same thought john did; thank you for clarifying, penguin!

    may your ankle heal quickly. and may you NOT have to go thru georgetown (or any other crappy dc area) traffic tomorrow!