Tuesday, June 03, 2014


I had a nice "to-do" list for this afternoon in the office.  Then the emails started coming in.  A problem that I thought was resolved two weeks ago has not been, the person was told today that the simple solution we offered two weeks ago can't be done. She was told we can't do that, until you do what you can't do, despite the fact that we told you we could.  And that was the customer service department.  We are still making excuses for millions of dollars in new software that does not work after over a month.  My afternoon went down hill from there.  I spent three hours apologizing for screw ups by other departments that I have no control over and in one major case, don't even have a working contact in.  Then another issue with the same process, and another, and yet another.  Two people grossly overcharged, another undercharged in a way I can't understand (and all three work for the same national organization.) I finally did get someone to talk to me.  I told her "I understand why some departments contract with outside providers to do this work, I could cuss at an outside provider and not feel guilty about it." I didn't get anything done on my list. 

I need to change colognes, this one seems to be attracting morons. 


  1. Anonymous6/03/2014

    I live this every f^c<ing day.

    Peace <3

  2. Try chopped liver, a little behind each ear. It is guaranteed to keep away the Yahoos

  3. If you find the moron repellent please share.