Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Post 500

John Gray at Going Gently has posted 10 questions. Here is my take.

1. If there's one chocolate left in the box, do you have to eat it, or can you leave it sitting there?
I have little self control, especially with chocolate.

2. What do you want to remember most of all, if you survive to be very old?  That happiness is inside us, not something from outside.  

3. Would you enjoy being a very rich and famous celebrity?
Being rich would be nice, but I am not interested in being famous.  I enjoy being anonymous.
4. What piece of music do you personally find most emotionally moving?
Difficult  to choose one. “Over the rainbow.”

5.  How do you deal with depression, anxiety and bad times?
By reminding myself that 90% of what we worry about either already has happened or never will happen, by practicing active forgiveness.

6. What do you love doing that bores everyone else stiff?
Keeping records and writing reports.  

7. Did you ever encounter an inanimate object that seemed to have a will of its own?
Certain inanimate penguins and sheep are real and do what they want.

8. What is your very favourite hotel or restaurant?
Antico Forno in Florence is the one restaurant that stands out. Probably the best hotel of the past 10 years was the Hilton Tower Bridge in London (out of over 250 hotel nights in the past 10 years.)

9. Do you think prisoners who have committed particularly vile crimes should be segregated in jail for their own safety?
For their safety, or the safety of others?  I have a poor opinion of prisons, they do little to rehabilitate or prepare inmates for living in society.  I truly think the money could be better spent.

10. What do you wish you had known when you were 18?
How important it is to be true to my own self.  


  1. I should list all of the last questions comments.. People have written some lovely ones

  2. Post 500? Congratulations! May there be 500 more and then some!