Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spo Meme

What you like most about being a blogger?
For me it is all about the pictures.  The blog gives me a place to share pictures of travel and everyday life, with a little text to explore what I am thinking.
How many bloggers have you met?
Three, but sadly all of them have moved on from blogging to FB and other media.
Do you ever go back and read your old entries?
Rarely, but once in a great while.
Do you share your job skills here?
No, I try to maintain a separation between my personal life and my professional life. Client confidentiality and an employer who claims ownership of everything related to my work, make this my best option.
Have you changed your views about anything thanks to blogging?
The value of the everyday mundane.
Do your coworkers know about your blog?
Not that I know of.  But I am careful not to say anything I would be embarrassed by if they do find the blogg.  I work in DC, always assume that someone is watching what you are doing.
What advice would you give for successful blogging?
Make posting a habit, something that you just don’t feel right about if you don’t do it.  
What is your opinion of aardvarks?
We need more of them. I am in favor of an aardvark in every bed.
Do you publish everything you write ?
If you could make ‘three rules’ for blogging, what would they be?
1# Do it, even if you don’t think you don’t think you have anything to say today.
2# More pictures, fewer words.  
3# Tell us about your life, we are all voyeurs at heart.
Do people help you write your blog?
Who are your blogger super-heroes?
Spo, Ken, Walt, John Gray - my day is not complete without checking in.
Final question (if you dare!) :
Have you slept with any of your fellow bloggers?


  1. I am honored and tickled too you played along.
    And you are the only one who shows any praise for aardvarks ! Hurrah !

  2. come to DE in march; we are all one big happy family! :)