Monday, January 02, 2012


I am thinking it is time for a new car.  Big Red is great fun, easy to drive and very complex with all kinds of complex toys.  Complex toys that are failing, not because of use, but age.  She only has a little over 46,000 miles on her, less then 4,000 average miles per year.  She is also very large, a real challenge to park and maneuver.  Despite her overall size, she has little limited cargo space.  In short she is great fun to drive, tons of get up and go, at 2 1/2 tons she will squeal the tires if you put you foot down, but not very practical and starting to need maintenance.  We started looking at possible - sensible- replacements today.  Shopping will be interrupted for a couple of weeks due to other travel.  But it is time to get the ducks in a row and find something shiny and newer.


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