Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nice Week

It is estimated that a million out of town visitors spent a billion-dollars in DC this week, what a great way to stimulate the economy. Run the cowboy out of town. Former President Jimmy Carter gets the quote of the week, as the helcopter took off from the east side of the Capital carrying former President George W Bush off to fly home to Texas, Jimmy Carter turned to the person next to him and said, "I've been waiting eight years to watch that helcopter take off."

When DG passed through the subway station yesterday evening on his way home there was a duck sitting there preening itself in the place that the homeless woman with the goatee normally sits surrounded by pigeons. I wonder what happened to the pigeons? (Be careful when typing the word Duck, the D and the F keys are to close together and spell check won't catch that one.)

Three or four afternons a week we walk past a man sitting on a box holding out an empty starbucks cup asking for spare change. The other afternoon we were a little early and traffic was heavey and there he was, sitting in his new car waiting to turn into the parking garage, commuting to work.

Another nice week in the Nations Capital,



  1. I imagine it was a huge weight of Mr. Bush's shoulders to take off in that helicopter. He and Laura left with amazing class and dignity - much different than their predecessors.

  2. The only good new coming out of DC it that DG is there to watch over things. I do feel better now.