Sunday, March 23, 2008

Looking for a reason

Sushi and champagne, I am looking for a reason to celebrate. Spring would be a good one. I didn't snow here, but it was cold enough to make a penguin feel at home. Quiet week for DG, he will be in the office trying to get far enough ahead to make it through April without going nuts. The first week in April we are going to Puerto Rico for 49 hours. Lots of things going on locally in the second week.

Ya'all have fun!



  1. Awww.. I thought it was red and orange colored coconut on cupcake thingies. Never had sushi. Or champagne now that I think about it. Dang.. I need to get out of the house more lol.

  2. Puerto Rico....49 hours....I'm thinking, Why?

  3. Anonymous3/24/2008

    Easy answer to why go for 49 hours, they are paying me $1200 to show up and talk for a few hours about something that I talk in my sleep about.


  4. You don't need a reason to eat sushi and drink champagne! You rock that black and white tux style you've got and wolf down your raw fish! You deserve it!

  5. Ok, I'd go as well. enjoy.

  6. Personally the thought of celebrating with sushi doesn't make me happy.