Saturday, January 26, 2008

Uncle Red

DG has his dear uncle Richard, who has led a colorful life including being dragged backwards down a hill on a hay-baler and ending up in the bottom of a pond. I have uncle Red, who I ran into in Louisville the other day. He is working at a local restaurant for a couple of months. (WC: I have found a couple of new options for next fall's Louisville convention.) Red has led a colorful life, you never know what kind of work you will find him doing next or where he will be doing it. It was nice to talk to him for a few minutes, maybe I will see him again next fall.
I am leaving the obvious for your comments; dear uncle Red, I never know what he will do next.


  1. Dude! He needs some sunscreen!

  2. He looks edgy? Hopefully he doesn't call the newly outsourced crisis line, it's in Iran. A friend was down in the dumps several weeks ago and called and told the crisis counselor he was feeling suicidal.

    They got all excitied and asked if he knew how to drive a truck...

  3. I just keep checking back to see if he jumped yet -

  4. You can can just have to believe you can fly...