Thursday, March 08, 2007

Passing the Oil Refinery

DooWayne, yes that was the name on his “business” card rescued us to get this trip on the road. We went to leave for West Virginia last week and the electrical system in Big Red went dead. How dead? The trunk wouldn’t close, that’s right, the trunk won’t close without electric power. Doo had several extra holes in his face with metal sticking through them (extra car parts?) and jeans hanging down extra low all the way around. And, he knew how to clean the corrosion off of the little $2 part that kept Big Red from starting. His magic worked, things came back to life and we were off.

I can tell when we are getting to close to the West Virginia boarder when I can smell the oil refinery that startles the state line. I just love the smell of an oil refinery in the morning, reminds me of sunrise in the Bahamas, but that is a very long story.



  1. The first post in 3 weeks and it's about an oil refinery.

    Bah ha ha ha.

  2. this is so disturbing -

  3. Do tell...

    Do tell...