Sunday, February 04, 2007

I’ll Never Be Bloggless Again!

Now I can read bloggs anyplace, I’ll never be stranded, unable to read about my featherless friends. And the screen and keyboard are just my size, you should see me dancing across the key-pad sending email at the speed of snails.

It does not appear that Blogger will let me log in to read the bloggs that require log in, or to post an update; we will continue to work on that.

So, after a couple of years of resisting the “crackberry” temptation, how does on get lured in? Mobile maps and directions, live mobile weather including animated radar, and syncing to the home and office computer based calendars so that we are never without the file that runs our lives (currently booking into October.) We went paperless on calendars this year for the first time. One down-side of this is that when you leave the computer, you leave the calendar. This little joy plugs into the computer and downloads the calendar, syncing the computer and device. I even like the way that it displays a seven day calendar better then the way that Outlook does.

Onward to read bloggs,



  1. I hope I never give in. I just don't. Why?

    Because the name "blackberry" irks the heck out of me. I've NEVER understood why it to be named that and think it's the stupidest name in the universe. Second only to the word 'blog'.

  2. oh snap! I suppose I had better go post something then . . .

  3. hmm, the blackberry must not be working - or he hasn't figured out how to post from it yet . . .