Saturday, July 22, 2006

Surfs Up!

It’s been one of those weeks that gets me to thinking how much fun the Ocean can be. At this time of the year the water is warm and comfortable. When a tropical storm moves up the coast the surf is up and I am ready to ride. I have a key to Mom and Dad’s house in Florida and they have gone north for a couple of months; does anyone want to go?



  1. me me me me me me me me me me me me!!!!

    I've been thinking of Florida constantly ALL WEEK LONG. I even took a picture of the flamingo's yesterday at the zoo because they made me think I was in FL.


  2. Oh, great and kindly Penguin, please remember how much the little Woodchuck loves the water. I'm going to be in sunny Florida during the week of August 7th.

    I can't wait to have some gator for dinner.

    Woodchucks "Eating gator to keep the waters safe for Penguins everywhere".

  3. yeah, I never get to go anywhere . . . {sulking}

    don't worry about me . . .

  4. I wanna go somewhere COLD.

  5. (too worried about Kel to comment)