Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thinking European Thoughts

My wandering wings are getting ready to go. This will be my forth trip to Europe in as many years, what a lucky bird. The picture is from Christmas 2004.



  1. if you post a picture of you standing on the ponte vecchio I will have to ... hmm ... bake you in a nice orange glaze with cilantro -

  2. Again..crap...you lucky fine featherd friend...I never get to leave the US and Canada. Most likly I will never get too use my cushin as a floatation device.

  3. Anonymous5/03/2006

    We have not been to Venice, and not on this trip (Greece this time.) I might be able to come up with the EPCOT version, but it is not the same. From the pictures it looks like someone did get use something as a floatation device.

    TR and DG