Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dinner in Wilmington Delaware

Here I am headed out for a fish dinner in Wilmington, Delaware. Wilmington was an interesting city. There are lots of big office buildings, but few people on the street. When we arrived on Sunday afternoon the city looked like it had been evacuated. We had a nice time, I rode a train from Washington, DC to Wilmington. This is the first time I have been on an American train (and the first time in about 15 years for my traveling companion.) It was a pleasant ride, not very smooth and a bit loud. We are home for a few days, then we are off to Bowling Green Kentucky (home of the Corvette,) and in two weeks we will back in Washington DC for five days. I'll try to post pictures from some of my past adventures in the next few days.

Happy Trails to You!


  1. Anonymous9/25/2005

    Make Sure to eat at Mariah's while you are in Bowling Green. Their buffalo wings and spinach dip are the best! Do penguins eat buffalo wings?

  2. Anonymous9/26/2005

    I wonder if the blog-spammer above has any clue s/he's sending investment tips to a plastic penguin? No doubt my friend Travel is delighted to be told that he deserves more in life, but since he does have a degree from the London School of Economics, he usually does just fine investing on his own. Bright bird.

  3. Anonymous9/27/2005

    To answer the question above, I checked with Travel before he departed. He said that as long as the wings came fromn a buffalo and not a bird, he was fine with it. I didn't have the heart to explain it to him. Sweet bird.

  4. Will we see a picture of you in a corvette next week?

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