Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Warm and Humid

Near 80 degrees with rain at 8:00 am. Welcome to summer in the swamp. I have been insanely busy in the office the past few days.  I keep reminding myself,  if it was easy,  they could hire someone cheap to do it.  I just wish I wasn't spending so much time cleaning up the mess. There are more productive things I could do.  But the mess must be cleaned up.  Failure is not an acceptable option. 


  1. Anonymous6/11/2014

    Oh boy do I hear this! I am doing menial crap because it's easier than trying to teach a guy older than me and one who only speaks English like he's got a mouthful of peanut butter to do it for me. ARGH! And our project management is "here is the end date". Double ARGH!

    Anyway, it's hot and humid here, too, combined with SERIOUS thunderstorms throughout the region tonight.

    Peace <3

  2. It may be up to 105 but there is not a drop of humidity. I vote for hot > humidity.