Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why do they make us wait?

All I wanted was a nice cold glass of water, DG was waiting for a diet coke. Why do they make me wait for the kitchen to squirt his glass full of sweet and sticky, when all I want is ice and water. Simple enough, it reminds me of home. So we sat there and waited watching this nice young couple with 2.6 children at the table across from us. Mom was flustered with the kids, Dad was checking his office email on his Blackberry. The youngest .6 was desperate for attention. When crawling under the table and climbing up on Dad's lap didn't work, he sat in his chair and put his feet up on the table with one foot landing squarely in the middle of his father's salad. Dad simply pushed the child and salad away and returned to his email. Why did Dad even bother to come and wait for his ice water, he could have ignored his children back in the office and gotten his ice water faster.


Internet Explorer 7 has taken up a nasty habit of disconnecting me from my ISP connection when I am working on blogger, Firefox works much-much better.


  1. Suddenly I have the urge to sing "It's a SMAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL world AAAAAAAAAAFTER aaaaaaallll"... but since I'm the only one still up here, it probably wouldn't be wise :o)

  2. Seeeeee? You DO have parental genes deep down in there. You know what that kid needs more than his own Dad does! LOL.

    My little Bianca is in Naples this week. She LOVES it and has announced that she would be conducive to moving to Florida. LOL.

  3. The best part about it is that the dad will later wonder why his kid is so poorly behaved . . . hmm . . .