Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beyond the Magic Curtain

For those of us stuck forever in coach, there is the mystery of what lies beyond the magic curtain. Legend has it that there are ritual sacrifices of the innocent in the front of the plane, seats covered with the hides of newborn lambs. Rumor has it that they might even serve food, krill at 37,000 feet, hard to imagine.


  1. Oh don't get me STARTED on how much Coach sucks (and, for that matter, how much worse it is now than it used to be)! I swear the seats are smaller in coach now than they used to be!

    But First Class is SO expensive . . . and I'm cheap. But next time I go somewhere really far away (like Asia) I'm totally going to spend the extra cash on it. I can't do a 22 hour coach flight. Every time I do a trans-oceanic I end up next to somebody who is: 1) diseased (yes, last time it was a guy who told me he spent all night throwing up) or 2) really fat and overflowing into my seat. *shudder*

  2. Since I fly about once every 5 years (LOL) I typically don't mind if I fly coach cuz, dude, I can't even afford coach prices much less anything better. But after a kazillion hour flight to Italy 2 years ago I swear I'd work the street corner for 6 months to come up with the extra money to fly anything but coach. I literally (LITERALLY) almost cried on the way there it was soooo compacted I had the seat in front of me about 3 inches from my face, pressed up against my knee's the whole flight and people on both sides of me.

    I shudder at the memory.

  3. I have been to the other side of the Magic Curtain and it is everything that you dream of. At one point about 50% of the time I was given a free upgrade to the land of 1st class. The rest of the time was spent in the bulk head row just behind the magic land. (Bulk head = extra leg room and no seat in your face) The free movie players on some flights. The free Tequila on all 1st class flights.

  4. Anonymous5/19/2008

    Only twice in my life have I made it forward of the curtain. I never quite get enough flying in to make the prefered list. I make it through trans-Atlantic in coach. I have learned to zone out and sleep as much as possible.


  5. Along with the krill, they also serve warm mixed nuts. So for me, it's like a surf & turf thing.