Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dreaming of Distant Adventures

It has been a physically and emotionally exhausting three weeks.  At times I found myself lost and confused in my own mind, at other times busy beyond the point of distraction, too busy at times to truly understand the gravity and reality of all that was happening.  I have been shouted at, and lectured, offered good advice, and left to make hard decisions on my own.  I could really use a few days off to recharge the batteries.  But, work calls, and there is still work to be done on settling the estate. 

At times like this, I let thoughts of adventures past and future, divert my mind.  When I think about it, I have been to a lot of amazing places (and a few not so amazing ones!)  I have lived a lifetime of adventures, and I am not done.  The recent events, coupled with changes to come over the next two years will leave me even more able to exploit the adventures of life.  In less than 18 months, the condo in the DC burbs, my home for an indefinite period of time, will be paid for and Jay will be free to travel whenever he wants.  Those two changes will open the door for seizing new opportunities and adventures. 

What adventure are you dreaming of?    


  1. I didn't get yelled out (I wouldn't tolerate that anymore) after my mother's death but I sure did get a lot of lectures, unsolicited advice, greedy hands waving in my face. I'll dream of your near future when life will treat you much better.

  2. A young fellow named Juan