Monday, November 07, 2016

Taking a Picture of You, Taking a Picture of Me

Take a picture of me, and I'll take one right back.

This was taken on the drive from Reykjavik back to the airport.  The landscape along the way for 10 miles looks very much like this.  There are a few side roads you can turn off on, we took one that runs  down to the the homes closer to the water and parked and had a little walk around.  The village across the bay is the town, near the international airport.  We had lunch near there.

See, no politics, no drama, just a nice adventurous landscape. Iceland has had, or is about to have a general election, the Pirate Party is nearing a majority in government.

Would you vote for a Pirate tomorrow?


  1. I would definitely not vote for a pirate tomorrow or any day, but I'd vote for you and that scenery.

  2. arrrrggggghhhhh, no matey. but I WILL make history tomorrow.

  3. I don't know about a party but I'll happily take a pirate.

  4. God help you all if Trump gets in

  5. Where are the trees?