Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Daytime in Spo-ville

Spo-ville - Who-ville, I will try not do write in rhyme. I have arrived in the valley of the sun, oh what fun, I get to have dinner, with Spo and Someone, all done. 

I wondered why there was a stampede of angry and confused looking Republican Senators arriving at National Airport yesterday afternoon, first there was Mitch McConnell, he is shorter in person, but still looks constipated.  Then John McCain walked by trying to figure out what the police escort was for (not him - the annual memorial service for police and firefighters killed in the line of duty is this week in DC.)   Oh well they needed to get back into town to pursue or block the work of government. 

The flight was delayed after boarding and then we took the long and non-scenic route adding over an hour to the flight.  I broke one of my rules and rode a 757 - the most uncomfortable airplane Boeing has ever built.  The heating and air conditioning systems still do not work well, I was roasting and the people to rows away were freezing.  You'd think after all of these years, someone would fix that.  But the people who could ride up front, all nice and comfy.  

The hotel is spectacular.  I have two walk in closets, and two balconies with views of two different mountains.  

I have a connection to the Valley of the Sun, I went to the first grade in Phoenix.  I count Arizona as one of the five states I have lived in.  I love the landscape here.  I have a few free hours today, then work - work - work until I go back to the airport.  

My sweet bear, will be waiting for me in DC when I get home.  Summer break has started for some. 


  1. I really do need to get out to the SW of the country some day. I've only ever flown over it on the way to CA.
    Perhaps when Hubs retires and we get that motorhome....

    Enjoy your free time(what little you have there)and your night out with Urspo and Someone.

    And bonus having your honey home to greet you!!

    But I am confused about how you put government and working in the same sentence...... ;-)

  2. have fun with spo and someone!
    (I made a rhyme too)

    YAYZ for your husband waiting for you at home; such a sweetheart!

  3. Anonymous5/13/2014

    Sounds like a fun trip, and the view is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

    Peace <3